Impotence: Causes And Treatments

At this time there are millions of men in the world that suffer from impotence. This is one of the most horrible diseases or disorders that can strike a man and it usually happens during the prime of his life.

Impotence can be described as the constant or frequent inability to achieve an erection. Without an erection sexual intercourse becomes impossible. It is only in the last twenty or so years that this disease has actually been diagnosed with any kind of success.

There was a time when it was thought that impotence was nothing more than a mental disorder and men should simply learn to deal with it.

There was also the idea that age was a deciding factor. That was until the world started to see the younger generation start to be affected. That was the point when the medical community sat up and took notice. Now there is an intense field of study that has brought about some new revelations when it comes to impotence causes and treatments.

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There are many factors that a person must look at when trying to nail down the cause of impotence in one single person. The main issue is that an erection requires a long series of events or happenings to achieve.

When even one of these events is interrupted or not working properly then the erection fails. This is the underlying idea behind impotence. The doctor must figure out what in the series is being interrupted and how to make certain that that does not continue to happen.

To start the process the doctor will do a complete medical work up. They will need to learn everything about the patient in order for them to be able to put their finger on one cause. This can mean a complete run down of the person's lifestyle, home life, work, medications and so on.

Some of the most common causes of impotence can be easily treated. Like for instance high blood pressure. This is a large factor with the male erection. Having high blood pressure puts stress on the arteries and such that are required for an erection. Therefore, the erection may fail because of this stress. There is also the chance of a medication side effect. Many medications on the market are known to have impotence as a side effect.

Mental issues like depression are widely known causes of impotence as well as surgeries, and alcohol.


In the last ten or so years there are new treatments for impotence that have finally shown some promise. While not every form of impotence can be treated, most of them can be and have brought new life to men who thought sex was over for them.

The most common treatment is medication. There are many medications on the market that are known to act as the bridge for the achieving of an erection. These do not cure impotence mind you but help to relieve the main symptom.

Therapy is also highly thought of in this area. When a person is suffering from depression based impotence therapy may be the only way to treat the disorder.

Vacuum devices and penis enlargement traction devices are also well known for the treatment of this disease. This is because they are known to stimulate the blood flow to the area.