The Elusive G-Spot

What is the g-spot and where can a man find it? These are actually questions that man has been searching for the answer to for a very long time. Surprisingly, even though nearly everyone has heard of the g-spot, not everyone knows where it is located, even women.

Some do not know about this fabulous spot on their body that is considered the ultimate place for a man to touch that will induce orgasm.

That is what the g-spot is for. However, a recent study concluded that only 12% of men really know where the g-spot is. This means that there are tons of women out there who would love to have their g-spot touched to induce a fantastic orgasm, but that most men have no idea where it is.

If you know where the g-spot is, then you can make sure that they woman you are with does not have to fake an orgasm. The g-spot is actually located on the anterior wall of the vagina. For those that have no idea what the anterior wall of the vagina means, it is the side that is closest to her stomach.


This is the elusive g-spot, and most women claim that when a man knows how to position his penis just right in order to connect with this area, it results in orgasm. Now that you know what it is, and where it is, how do you make sure that your penis connects with this area during sex? Some men think that they have to turn themselves into pretzels to get to the g-spot, but there are some simpler ways to make sure that touching a woman's g-spot is easy to do.

There are some men who naturally have a penis that is shaped just right to touch a woman's g-spot easily. If you are one of these men, you probably know it already and have women practically beating down your door to have amazing sex with you and real orgasms. However, if you are not one of these lucky few, then you need to try some other things.

One of the best ways to learn how to access a particular woman's g-spot is to try out some different positions. Some experts claim that having sex doggy style is the perfect way to make sure that you get to a woman's g-spot. Other people suggest that the woman try being on top, while still others suggest the reverse cowboy as the perfect position for touching a woman's g-spot and making her go absolutely crazy.

One of these positions may be the best one for you and your partner, but for most couples it is a bit of trial and error. They end up having to experiment with different positions to find the one that is just right.

However, this kind of practice is usually a lot of fun and results in a lot of sex while trying to get that perfect position. Couples should enjoy the experience and not get frustrated when they do not get the man's penis positioned correctly right away.