Know Her Erogenous Zones

Do you think you know all of woman's erogenous zones? You might be surprised by some of the information found here. There is a lot more to erogenous zones than her breasts, vulva, mouth, buttocks, etc. In fact, when you first meet someone, your whole body is an erogenous zone because the actual definition of erogenous zones is any place of the body that when stimulated results in sexual arousal.

It is true that the largest erogenous zone is actually the skin itself. Some parts of skin have more never endings that others, but it does not matter when it comes to the kind of touching that turns us on.

This is why when you first meet someone, it does not matter where they touch you, it turns you on. This is one of the reasons that we all love the beginning of a relationship.

It is because our senses are so heightened that if a woman simply grazes her fingernails across the back of your hand, you immediately notice the sexual arousal symptoms in yourself. Some of the less obvious erogenous zones are some of the most fun places to enjoy yourself. For instance, the abdomen is a wonderful place to spend some time touching, licking, sucking and running your hands over.

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It can even be more pleasurable for a woman if you take an ice cube and lazily rub it around her abdomen, from her belly button down to her nether regions. The abdomen has many nerve endings, and a man should take advantage of that when engaging in foreplay.

Another place to spend some time with your mouth and perhaps another ice cube are the thighs. While some women are concerned that their thighs do not compare to a supermodel's, men know that nearly any woman's thighs are someplace they like to touch.

The thighs are also in close proximity to her vulva, and stroking, kissing and touching them will soon have her moaning for you to get much closer to her center. Another less well known erogenous zone is the feet. Feet work hard all day long, and they deserve some attention as well.

Feet are an extremely responsive part of the body. Of course, no one wants to touch or lick smelly feet that have been encased in shoes all day, but you can make feet washing a part of your sensual experience.

Wash her feet with some nice smelling soap, dry them softly and then start touching. The soles of the feet, the tops and the toes will all respond to your touch. Sucking on her toes will likely drive her wild.

You can also include an erotic foot massage by using some type of massage oil to rub her feet and knead the balls, toes and heels gently.

When it comes to woman's body, there are tons of places she likes to be touched. However, to really turn her on and have her thinking you know a lot about a woman's body and her erogenous zones, try exploring some of the less obvious ones. She will definitely thank you for it in more ways than one.