Add A Little Spice With Sex Toys

You may think that your female partner would be completely shocked by the suggestion to introduce some sex toys into your love life. But you may be surprised at her reaction, which could be that she is happy to try out some sex toys and see what the buzz is all about.

Sex toys do not have to be considered dirty or bad. In fact, many sex therapists and various sexual experts say that sex toys can add spice to a boring or waning sex life, and they can increase the intimacy between a couple.

It can be a lot of fun to shop for sex toys together. You can do it in a store if you are brave and feel comfortable looking at sex toys in the vicinity of other people.

Or, you can do it online at one of the thousands of sites that sell sex toys at reasonable prices and deliver them in discreet packaging to your mailbox.

One of the best reasons for shopping for sex toys together is that it gives you both a chance to explore what types of toys you each might be comfortable with. It gives you a platform for discussing what types of activities you want to do, and what each toy can do for your sex life.


By keeping an open mind and having open communication between the two of you, it can be both fun and exciting to shop for sex toys together. Using sex toys should probably not be something you ask her to do on a first date. The use of sex toys in a relationship requires a degree of trust, and that kind of trust is established over time.

So if sex toys are something you enjoy as part of sex, wait until your partner is comfortable with you before broaching the subject or breaking out the sex toys. If she is reluctant to try it, you can suggest that she pick a toy or that she take the lead, which can increase her comfort level when it comes to experimenting with sex toys.

When it comes to finding the best sex toys for you and your partner, the best way is to start with something that appeals to you and then go from there. There is an amazing array of sex toys to choose from, and there are some that are right for you as a couple. It should always be kept in mind that anything that does not feel good should probably not continue.

There are plenty of guides to sex toys available for both beginners and those that are more experienced with sex toys. Sex toys should also be cleaned after use every time before using them again. There are actually various types of sex toy cleansers that are available at shops that cater to the sex toy market. When you are ready to try adding a bit of spice to your love life, sex toys are a great place to begin. You will probably really enjoy the interest and excitement that sex toys add to your love life.