Top Five Places Women Like To Be Kissed

Everyone loves kissing. It serves many purposes, but it is mostly a way to make people feel closer. Kissing has been done for centuries as part of the seduction process between a man and a woman, and men that are good kissers are very good men, indeed.

However, the art of kissing is not as simple as some people would like to think that it is. Kissing is something that everyone needs to practice.

Most people are not good kissers to begin with, but with a little enthusiasm and some practice, you can get to be a very good kisser. Since kissing is such an important part of the seduction process and the sexual act, it is important to know where women like to be kissed the most.

While each woman is different, there are some places that every woman enjoys being kissed. So here are the top five places that women like to be kissed.

The Lips - Of course, this would have to be first. Kissing on the lips is the most common place to kiss, and it is usually where most people start when they are first kissing. Men should keep in mind that sloppy, wet kisses are not the kind of kiss that most women enjoy.


The Neck - Nearly every woman likes to be kissed on the neck. However, some women like light, feathery kisses, while others prefer more passionate kisses with some subtle sucking and light nibbling.

Most women do not enjoy "hickies" which went out of fashion for women in the seventh grade. Keep in mind that women are often very sensitive below the ear lobe, and make sure to cover that area in your kisses.

The Breasts - It goes without saying that both women and men enjoy breast kissing. The men enjoy giving kisses there, and the women enjoy receiving them. Again, a man should not concentrate solely on the nipple because a woman's breast is a highly sensitive area, and kisses on the entire breast, sucking on the nipples and perhaps even nibbling lightly can really get a woman hot.

The Small of The Back - Some men are not even aware that kisses on the small of a woman's back can really drive them wild. There is something about being kissed there that tends to curl a woman's toes, so it is definitely a place that should get some attention during foreplay.

The Clitoris - Nearly every woman enjoys kisses on her clitoris and that accompanying behaviors of oral sex. Again, this is something that should be dictated by the woman, and a man should pay attention to what she likes and does not like when it comes to clitoral kisses.

No matter where a woman likes to be kissed, the man should always take his time. The woman is not going anywhere if you are kissing her correctly, and men who hurry through the kissing process tend to hurry through other things, as well.

So a man should spend some time on the art of kissing and realize that a good kiss is one of the best tools for seducing a woman.